4 thoughts on “Seeking Final Term in District 7, Medina Says ‘Experience Does Matter’

  1. In the Fall of 2014, the SA Express New reported the SA Police Dept. and the FBI were conducting separate investigations of Cris Medina for alleged corruption and misuse of campaign funds. (See: http://www.expressnews.com/local/article/Councilman Cris Medina-under-FBI-and-SAPD-scrutiny-5760561-php ) A similar report was made public about a year later.
    I do not recall any official follow-up or closure report on these investigations ever being made public through local media by either the SAPD or the FBI. The whole thing just sort of faded away without apparent resolution or further clarification. Can the Rivard Report shed any light on what ensued with these investigations?
    As we’re within 30 days of city council and other elections, voters in District 7 have every right to know the truth.
    Thank you

  2. Right on about Medina he says returns or e-mails (etc) not true I have personally experienced this also his former Chief of Staff insinuated to me in a meeting that a citizen was not a member of an HOA Medina wasn’t interested talking to them I tried to meet with him on several occasions to no avail when he was being Investigated he stated he had to go TDY to Maryland training his Comanding Officer however stated he did not have to go at that time he could anytime just a few of a long list of untruths by Medina and he says his integrity is above reproach

  3. The Firefighters Union has not endorsed Chris Medina for the 2017 Election. They used to block walk for him, but not this year. They are not knocking on doors or making calls, Firefighters Union is active in other City Council Districts this year, but not for the incumbent of Dist 7.

  4. The San Antonio Firefighters Association has indeed endorsed Cris Medina for the District 7 race. Signs with the association logo endorsing Medina are all around the area.

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