One thought on “Síclovía’s More Than Symbolic Impact on City’s Health and Fitness

  1. Events such as siclovia are typically used in cities as a precursor to closing some street sections permanently to car-based traffic. Is this the plan for downtown San Antonio?

    Hope so . . . and hope that this annual event does not continue to overshadow the desperately needed sidewalk improvements in neighborhoods inside the 410 loop and, at least on paper, within 10,000 steps of the Alamo.

    This includes several ‘priority’ areas of high rates of pedestrian fatalities and accidents, such as along the current VIA Primo route on Fredericksburg Road (as suitable sidewalks and crossings have yet to be constructed and the route has generated increased pedestrian activity along this corridor). Pedestrian safety and amenity along Fredericksburg Road has been a concern for the City since at least 2000, and the Near Northwest Community Plan MOU identifies sidewalk-focused public improvements projects that have never been completed.

    Major improvements for San Antonio’s sidewalk users in 2015 – including where ever else the VIA Primo expands? Hope, so too . . . as walking, rolling, cycling etc. in San Antonio shouldn’t be ‘special event’.

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