4 thoughts on “Six Candidates Seek Nirenberg’s Seat in Diversity-Rich District 8

  1. I love how this ridiculous Ron-loving organization focuses less on the candidates running for District 8 and more on the candidate leaving District 8. Why do people continue to sip the Ron Kool-Aid?

  2. I love this part of san Antonio with so many families from diff. cultures (families from India and African continents, Asian and Yankees too 🙂 Best ethnic restaurants too! We need a permanent Ethiopian restaurant imho too!


  3. Beware San Antonio of Ron Nirenburg. Early in his tenure as Councilman for District 8, citizens of a small neighborhood in the Medical Center known as Cinnamon Creek came to him for help after our trees were devastated to “expand” the vehicular capacity to the new UTHSC buildings, with no regard to their age, many were what the city itself considers to the heritage trees, and we were also denied deer crossing signs, as this new road expansion was going to have a negative impact on the wildlife coming/going from our creek. We also asked hor his help in preventing a piece of land along the creek to be developed into 5 story buildings right up against the creek, disrupting the entire view down the creek for all. if he really cared about life for all those in his district, he could have helped us prevent this destruction of our greenway. For more than 1 month we presented our case, and he seemed like he cared until the final day when he clearly sided with the developer, a company out of Atlanta. Tuff luck for the residents of Cinnamon Creek. This man is among the most opportunistic of the candidates, he hand picks the projects that will give himself the most notoriety.
    In District 8, he has only been concerned about keeping students and professors at UT happy, the rest of the people do not exist for him. He will continue to do the same, no doubt if he does go on to be mayor..
    Also, of late, he has been a member of the water board, and wants to curtail our use of water further, because he is pushing for more growth. Yes, we need to watch our consumption of water, but more importantly, do we really need to push for more growth? Don’t think this is the solution.
    His comments in this article about supporting the bracken cave conservation effort, is pure baloney. He could have helped a little community preserve its creek, deer and trees, but unfortunately we were not the attention getter he needed.
    Please let this guy carry his philosophies back to Pennsylvania. We need people that care sincerely about all San Antonians, not just those living the University life.

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