8 thoughts on “So Much for San Antonio’s Nonpartisan Mayoral Race

  1. You know what, I’m all for calling a spade a spade. I’m voting for the Democrat in the race this municipal election, not the Republican or Centrist! Neither can shy from those titles when you pair their records on council and campaign finance reports.

  2. Well, he IS the chairman of the local Dem party. He’s not hiding his current title.

    Plus, Ivy Taylor has a former Trump campaign team member on her payroll. C’mon Ivy, this is San Antonio.

    I see no problem with Medina’s transparency.

  3. I am voting for the Democrat Manuel Medina! He respects all people in the comunity, not just the special interest and big money. Bexar county Democrats are very diverse comunity and have the capacity to work together with all persons no matter what party affiliation. Mr. Anderson and the Ivy Talor campaign are desperateley trying to get the our community to focus on partisan fights so we won’t pay atttention to the pay to play politics going on @ city hall!

  4. Medina is not going to divide people by party, he’s going to unite them against the current status quo. Positive change for San Antonio is a non partisan issue.

  5. Medina is the Party Chairman, he isnt hiding anything about that. He is uniting all San Antonio residence for a better San Antonio. there is nothing that is nonpartisan that goes on at City Hall. The People arent blind to that. Medina for Mayor.

  6. Opposite to what Anderson states that Manuel Medina wants to slice up our City into sections, one pitted against another’ is completely the opposite. Manuel Medina wants to change the fact that we have economic segregation within our city and generational poverty. He wants to make sure we ALL have a seat at the table and not only the private interests such is the case now. He is being targeted as bringing partisan politics into the race but how can he deny that he has been the Democratic Party Chairman for the last five years.

  7. Mr. Anderson, it seems with your statements, you are clearly the divider.
    Your liberal strategies don’t work here. You just speak your vision and let
    the people decide. We already had 8 yrs of a president telling us how to
    think and look what happen to him….

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