5 thoughts on “Solo Serve Demolition Begins

  1. Nooooooo!!!! It’s a historic building!! Well not really. It’s bum magnet. Still I’ll give them 5 bucks for the sign though. I don’t know what year it closed but I think I remember going in it as a kid. They had a cheap toy section from what I can remember. Generic stuff from China if I am correct. I was looking for Transformers and they had Gobots.

  2. It looks interesting architecturally underneath that ugly, dark concrete facade. Does anyone have a photo of the original building?

    • No! Shhhhh. Don’t mention any names and give them ideas of what to trash next so they can put up yet another exorbitantly priced set of generic “lifestyle” condo matchboxes or expensive tourist trap hotels only rich kids can afford

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