3 thoughts on “Some Council Members Want to Whittle Down Citywide Bond Projects

  1. “The far-Northeast side Councilman is challenging Taylor in the mayoral race”

    Nirenberg represents northwest side.

    Also, lolz Krier just doesn’t get public art. Of course.

  2. Two federally mandated and Council approved City of San Antonio plans identifying specific hazards and liabilities citywide should shape the 2017-2022 Bond program — plans not mentioned in the article above or currently linked with the City’s online Bond materials.

    The 2017-2022 Bond recommendations should be used primarily to implement:

    The City’s ADA Pedestrian Transition Plan (which inventories physical barriers to ADA pedestrian access throughout San Antonio, including missing sidewalk segments and ramps and inadequate sidewalk widths);

    The City’s Hazard Mitigation Action Plan (which lists and prioritizes 131 cost-effective projects to ‘minimize or eliminate long-term risk to human life and property from known hazards’ in San Antonio).

    Council members should be familiar with both plans as these plans identify specific hazards and liabilities within each district. Efforts to mitigate the hazards and liabilities identified with these two plans are the ‘need-to-have’ projects that CM Gallagher suggests should be the focus of the 2017-2022 Bond.

    Bond proposals should demonstrate how they correspond with and help achieve the City’s ADA Pedestrian Transition Plan (which appears to have been sidelined during Mayor Taylor’s tenure) and the City’s recently approved Hazard Mitigation Action Plan.

    Choosing to ignore with the 2017-2022 Bond program identified hazards and liabilities could result in undesirable ‘catalytic’ events for the City — noting recent sinkholes, flooding, wildfire incidents, and hazardous material spills in our area, as well as the ADA pedestrian access class action suits faced by other cities.


    COSA’s ADA Pedestrian Transition Plan (last updated in 2011?)

    COSA’s Hazard Mitigation Action Plan (2015)

    Hazmat crews called to train derailment and massive lye spill in SW Bexar County; community evacuated (2016)

    Grass fire in east Bexar County threatens 16 buildings (2017)

    San Antonio sinkhole swallows two cars, killing a sheriff’s deputy (2016)

    Flooding in San Antonio Leads to Water Rescues, Road Closures (2016)

    Willits v. City of LA Sidewalk Settlement (2015)

    Cedar Rapids: Suing for Sidewalks (2016)

  3. I hope the city council with resist the temptation to tamper further with the recommendations of the citizen bond committee.

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