2 thoughts on “Someone is Losing His Touch…

  1. Please save us from Dan Patrick, now a career politician who interjects his religious beliefs into all things political. A real poser.

  2. I am trying to give the people who want this bill to pass the benefit of the doubt. Rather than assuming they are working from a place of hate, I will think of them as working from a place of fear. They fear the unknown. They’ve likely never met any transgender people, and so are afraid of them. They make assumptions about transgender people that would be crushed if they actually met and listened to transgender people.

    Now, why someone has to meet someone personally in order to understand them is beyond me. Human beings are capable of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes!

    Also? This is not a “religious” issue. It’s a human rights issue. And transgender people ARE most definitely human beings who deserve the exact same rights as I, or anyone else, enjoy.

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