Something Monday: The Dorćol Distillery, A New Spirit in Southtown

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Jaime SolisOn Feb. 3rd, Something Monday, our casual, social bike ride in partnership with San Antonio B-cycle, will take us to the Dorćol Distillery for a tour of the new establishment and, naturally, a taste of their signature spirit.

Yes. It will be cold. While our staff and a few brave souls will be riding from the Blue Star Complex at 6 p.m., those that would like to forgo the cold bike ride can join us at the distillery at 6:30 p.m.

Kinsman, Dorćol’s inaugural spirit. Courtesy Photo.

Chris Mobley and Boyan Kalušević, who met at The University of Texas at Austin, founded Dorćol on the idea of making handcrafted spirits and introducing them to the local market.  This boutique distillery adds an amazing new experience to the urban core – it’s the only liquor distillery in the greater downtown area and it’s introducing new types of liquors to the San Antonio market.  The distillery is located off on 1902 South Flores in the middle of the emerging Lone Star Arts District and shares the community’s dedication to local art and creativity.

Their inaugural spirit, Kinsman Rakia, is a double-distilled, apricot-based liquor with origins in eastern Europe.  Kinsman is produced in a direct-flame copper pot still that was handmade by a father and son coppersmiths.  The design of the still ensures just the right amount of spirit-to-copper contact to create a flavorful, full-bodied spirit that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

We will depart from the B-cycle Station in the Blue-Star Complex (1414 S. Flores) and take a nice cruise on Cevallos Street to make our way to Dorćol. The ride is a little under 2 miles there and back.

Copper pot stills ensure full-flavored spirits. Courtesy Photo.

After the tour and free samples, we’re invited to stay at the distillery to (responsibly) enjoy some cocktails made with Kinsman Rakia – which should warm our bellies for the chilly ride back to Blue Star.

As typical of many establishments in San Antonio, the distillery is closed on Mondays but owners have generously agreed to open up shop for us. Cheers to that.

View of Dorćol Distillery at night. Courtesy Photo.


Jaime Solis is the Director of Marketing and Advertising for the Rivard Report. Follow him on Twitter at @_JaimeSolis and contact him at


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4 thoughts on “Something Monday: The Dorćol Distillery, A New Spirit in Southtown

  1. As I driven down (many times) on South Flores I seen this building. For the longest time it was vacant and no sign of life seem to exist there. As s matter of fact…the only building I saw that had any life was the sheet metal shop next door.

    Whichever, I saw some the remodeling there to the way it appears on the photograph. I had no idea of what it was at first. Since I have not seen any signage of whom, what is at that location? I first thought it was an architect firm. Since there is one just down the street from it. Yet, with no signage of a business or muchless an architect firm. My other guess was maybe someone wanted a chic style of a place to call home. Kind of what I see in movies that is done with old buildings/warehouses in New York City.

    Regardless it sounds quite interesting. Not to mention” …the idea of making handcrafted spirits and introducing them to the local market. ” Therefore, I wish the distillery success in their new venture. It is just kind of an interesting location they found for their distillery base? However, I guess it will help in a revitilization for the area.

    Daver’ The Neighbor

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