6 thoughts on “T Minus 30: San Pedro Creek Culture Park to Open in May

  1. While it is interesting I am not sure who it is for. People that live in that area of downtown I guess but there are not many that do live in that area. I don’t. I might visit it when it is done but I don’t see myself returning to it much after that no matter how nice it is. As a more casual park I am guessing it is not aimed at tourist so they will not be primarily going either. I mean I guess fix it up. Why not? Not sure about the crazy amount of money they want to send on the face statue but the city likes to waste money so that is just par for the course. Ohh yeah tell them to put a parking garage somewhere next to it so at least if I do want to visit it is not a pain in the butt to find parking.

    • Public art is never a waste of money.

      I don’t live in the area of this park either, but my family and I will certainly visit it time and again, purely for the public art.

    • Think about the people who work downtown. This will be a fabulous place to sit, eat lunch, exercise, meet friends, watch the birds…! Really looking forward to it. Also, as with the Museum Reach of the River, it’s anticipated that the San Pedro Creek project will be a huge catalyst for development of that area of downtown.

  2. SO EXCITED for this linear park. This is smart city planning and fine gift locals and visitors can enjoy! I love reading about and seeing pictures of how this new park is shaping up! thank you!

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