South Texas Jazz drummer Brandon Guerra (left) and bassist Brandon “Daddy Long Legs” Revis perform at the Esquire Tavern. Photo by Kody Melton.

Kicking Off National Beer Week With Doc Watkins

Nestled cozily into the high-backed wooden booths, turkeys and wildcats and moose peering down from the walls listening in, Brent “Doc” Watkins and the boys of South Texas Jazz laughed merrily in the spirit of the occasion. This wasn’t an ordinary Sunday, it was the kickoff to National Beer Week, and with an Alamo Beer in hand, the fellas dug into the beauty of their collaboration with the Esquire Tavern. 
In all ways and always a jovial and jocular soul, Brandon “Daddy Long Legs” Revis, bassist for the ensemble, broke it down sentimental style. “The Esquire is a staple of San Antonio,” Revis said. “My grandmother used to frequent this bar, came everyday after work.”