City Council Chambers. Photo by Scott Ball.

Coalition Moves to Slow Down SAWS-Vista Ridge Water Deal

A coalition of San Antonio environmental and civil rights groups have sent a letter to Mayor Ivy Taylor asking her to hold public hearings throughout San Antonio on the proposed 30-year, $3.4 billion contract between SAWS and the Vista Ridge Consortium to deliver 50,000 acre-feet of water from Burleson County to San Antonio.

Upstream Without a Paddle: Seeking Protection for Edwards Aquifer

by Annalisa Peace

Groundwater hydrologists refer to the Edwards as the “Queen Mother of aquifers” because it is so uniquely prolific.  But, the very features that facilitate extraordinarily rapid recharge of the Edwards Aquifer also make it extremely vulnerable to pollution.  I cannot say this often enough, “The Edwards Does Not filter water.”

As reported in previous entries on this site, we are not being good stewards of this resource. San Antonio is one of the few major cities in the world with a water supply that does not require treatment prior to distribution.  Rather than capitalizing on this wonderful asset, we have consistently ignored the advice of experts on how best to protect our groundwater, even passing up opportunities to permanently protect the sensitive area of the Edwards.