Lila Downs will perform at the Lila Cockrell Theatre on Aug. 26, 2016. Photo by Elena Pardo.

Lila Downs to Collaborate with Guadalupe Dance Co.

Bilingual singer/songwriter Lila Downs (pronounced lee-la), the daughter of a Mixtec mother from Oaxaca and a Scottish-American father from Minnesota, is an authentic representation of the mezcla of culture, language, and heritage found across the nation, especially in places like San Antonio.

Henry Brun and The Latin Playerz play during a recent ARTPACE Rooftop Jazz Series concert. Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Henry Brun and the Latin Playerz Orchestra Celebrate 25 Years

The power of music lies in its intrinsic nature to move people.  Whether that be the somber, introspective sound of a chamber orchestra bringing you inwards, or the vivifying electricity of a tour de force of percussion letting you out of your cage and onto the dance floor, it seeps into our soul’s recesses and ignites something. And while you can dig on YouTube and Bandcamp and Spotify all day, “there is no substitute for live music,” or so says Henry Brun in the tag line of his email. 
Witnessing Señor Brun’s passion for his craft – embodied from the cadence of his words to the colors of his linen button-down tropical shirts – is an opportunity to understand what his credo on live music really means.  “You play the song 20 times, every time it’s gonna sound different,” Brun said, confessin’ on the nature of the jazz music he represents.