Wet lab incubator space at Proteon Therapeutics, Inc.in Kansas City, Missouri. CRB converted office space into a 2,200 sq. ft. wet lab space for $360,000. Photo courtesy of CRB USA.

The Future of Biotech in San Antonio

The Rivard Report concludes its four-part series on biotech in San Antonio with next steps for growing its bioscience industry. Part I about its origins is here, Part II about its growth is here, and Part III about its funding is here.

Cytocentric's patch clamp robot. Image courtesy Cytocentric.

German Biotech Company Moving to San Antonio

Cytocentrics, a German biotech and robotics company that is transforming laboratory testing of how pharmaceutical agents interact with human cells, is moving to San Antonio with plans to establish manufacturing operations here and create 300 high wage jobs over the next five years.