Bilingual Pre-K students Justin and Selvin do reading and language exercises on tablets. Photo by Scott Ball.

Researchers Analyze Dual Language Instruction to Improve Latino Educational Outcomes

A team of six national researchers is analyzing teaching methods in several dual language schools across the United States, Texas, and San Antonio in hopes of improving the educational landscape for Latino students. Studies show that educational outcomes for Latino students in the U.S. are generally worse than their Anglo counterparts’, and it’s been this way throughout history.

SAISD Associate Superintendent Kamal ElHabr stands on the front steps of what will become CAST Tech High School. Photo by Kathryn Boyd-Batstone.

CAST Tech Finds Home at Fox Tech

An in-district charter tailored to invigorate and inspire students for careers in “high-demand, 21st century technology” fields will soon move into two unused buildings on the Fox Tech High School campus, San Antonio Independent School District officials announced Thursday morning.