City Convenes First World Heritage Symposium

Five leading individuals in the years-long quest to win World Heritage designation for the Alamo, the Spanish colonial Missions and the often forgotten Rancho de las Cabras appeared on stage Saturday morning to explore the meaning of San Antonio’s newfound “outstanding universal value” and what that means for the future of the Southside and the city at large.

World Heritage Celebration: Mission Accomplished

Elected and appointed officials and civic and religious leaders gathered together on Saturday at Mission San José to celebrate the official inscription of the UNESCO World Heritage designation of the Spanish colonial Missions and the Alamo, the culmination of an effort that goes back nearly a decade.

Mission Concepcion, restored by light, october 16, 2015, joan vinson

Mission Concepción ‘Restored by Light’

Sunset bathed Mission Concepción in fading light Friday evening, and then cast the mission facade in shadow. Children played catch with one another as parents sat on blankets in front of the historic Mission. When the clock struck 8 p.m., the crowd of about 300 people was transported back in time to 1755, the year Mission Concepción was built.

Light from a projector slowly crept on to the church façade.