“Conversations on Water,” at UTSA. Photo by Scott Ball.

UTSA Water Forum: SAWS CEO Says Vista Ridge Project On Track

Robert Puente, president and CEO of San Antonio Water System (SAWS), remains hopeful that the Vista Ridge pipeline will help secure a long-term water supply for the fast-growing San Antonio metro area, and believes that ratepayers are fully protected in the event the consortium proving the water and building the pipeline are unable to deliver.

Map of the Vista Ridge pipeline.

SAWS Board to Vote on Water Deal, UTSA Panel to Follow

The San Antonio Water System Board will vote Monday on a $3.40-billion landmark water deal that would pipe in 50,000 acre-feet of water to San Antonio annually as soon as 2019, enough to meet 20% of the growing city’s future water needs. If approved, the proposed contract will go to City Council for review and consideration and the ultimate approval.