2 thoughts on “Take The E Route to Downtown Entertainment – It’s Free

  1. The crazy thing about Via’s downtown evening service is that (at least when I lived in San Antonio, and probably still) was that they had the “lineup” downtown and last buses out to the suburbs departing at about 10:15pm. Typical plays and other evening events (in my case, it used to be the Church House Dinner Theatre down in King William…that tells you how long ago it was!) will commonly finish sometime between 10 and 10:30pm… meaning that (especially if you need to get downtown first to catch “the lineup”) you can’t be confident of catching the last bus home.

    The result is that people can’t take VIA to go downtown for many types of events. If Via extended evening service for another hour or two, I believe that their evening services ridership would blossom.

  2. New downtown trolly started Saturday. It runs Tues- Sat 6 pm to Midnite! And, it is free for now. Marci Marmor and I will be riding, as it goes by our condo!!!!!

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