15 thoughts on “Taylor Camp Launches ‘Liberal Ron’ Website

  1. I’m disappointed that Ivy Taylor continues to accuse Mr. Nirenberg of hypocrisy. Isn’t she the same person who refused to shake hands with Senator Van de Putte during the last Mayoral election…and then turned around and accepted her endorsement for no other reason than political expediency.

    And when speaking of the Police Union Contract that Ms. Taylor supported, Ms. Van de Putte stated that “Ivy was more generous than I would’ve been.”

    A liberal, tax spending State Senator acknowledged that Ms. Taylor was even more generous with taxpayer dollars than she herself would’ve been!

    What other evidence would you need to know that voting for Ron Nirenberg is in the best interests of San Antonio?

    • Not to mention how Taylor started this whole thing, swearing she wasn’t going to run for election, that she was only taking the interim mayor role, then hey! Running for mayor? Does she think we are so stupid that we don’t remember that? Mayor Taylor is a shady person running a shady and unethical mayor’s office and mayoral campaign. It’s time for her to go.

  2. Way to go, Strother. You and Ivy working overtime to keep it lame.

    Beneath the office of Mayor of San Antonio.

  3. I thought the gloves were never going to come off. I love it maybe more will come out about both candidates. It will only benefits at community when strong discussion occurs in an election. Who knows maybe will start talking about each others power brokers, lobbyist, developers and special interest groups that are involved City Hall.

    Keeping the conversation all rosie, without attacks and serious discussion about each other is not to the benefit of the community. Let them duke it out, the only ones that can benefit is that community.

  4. When Ivy shared her belief about poor people not being right with God is UNFORGIVABLE. Certainly doesn’t qualify her as mayor of San Antonio.

  5. Taylor began with a big fat lie and got greedy.So she ran again . Then she threw out the riverboat vote. She has not been a good Mayor for SA. We need someone with vision.
    I do not like Castro but feel Ron can overcome his support. Castro should go to jail for what he did at HUD. And Ron can follow his vision for SA.

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