4 thoughts on “A Local Teacher Says No to Guns in Schools

  1. When I was in highschool, there was a teacher fired because another teacher noticed he was carrying a concealed handgun which he had a permit for. That guy should get his job back.

  2. Great article. As a high school educator, I agree that the best defense is being proactive rather than reactive. As cultural theorist, Gloria Anzaldúa states, “All reaction is limited by, and dependent on, what it is reacting against.” Fighting guns with guns is not the answer.

  3. In our oligarchy, events like this only further stricter legislation to restrict the freedoms of the many to the advantage of the controlling few. We all see the folly of gun laws disarming the innocent, and of course the ridiculous concept of arming teachers who are given less and less tools to teach while their budget is given to other areas of focus. We always have money to fund military bullying in other countries and can’t pay our teachers. Now we want to “help” by arming them? Right. The media finds this type of discussion great for cheap news and the controlling few love it because if we are scared we are easier to control. I wish I had a solution that would move our focus back to preparing our youth for an ever more rapidly changing and fluid life on the internet.

  4. Thank you for this excellent article. As a teacher, you have a powerful voice against guns in schools. Please consider signing this petition calling for new federal legislation against teachers bearing arms, and share with colleagues who might also want to sign. We will be delivering the signatures to multiples members of congress, and will join in the complementary efforts against assault weapons, background checks and mental health advocacy.


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