Texas Elections to Move Forward Without Changes to State House District Map Despite Racial Gerrymander Finding

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Graphic by Todd Wiseman / Texas Tribune

The 2018 elections will move forward without any tweaks to Texas’ political maps.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold all but one of the state’s political districts, a three-judge federal panel in San Antonio on Tuesday ordered that the State’s maps should stay in place for this year’s elections despite outstanding issues with House District 90.

The Tarrant County-based district was the sole exception the Supreme Court made in okaying the state’s maps last week. That district, which is held by Democratic State Rep. Ramon Romero, was deemed an impermissible racial gerrymander because lawmakers illegally used race as the predominant factor in deciding its boundaries.

It’s likely that opponents of the maps will push for the district to be redrawn, which could affect neighboring Republican-held districts. But as things stand now, the district will only be corrected in time for one election before it likely needs to be redrawn again after the 2020 census.

The San Antonio panel gave the state and the map’s challengers – civil rights groups, voters of color, and Democratic lawmakers – until Aug. 6 to indicate to the court what changes, if any, should be made to HD-90. The court also issued a deadline of Aug. 29 for the parties to address any other issues that remain in this case.

The San Antonio panel’s Tuesday order is yet another victory for the state’s Republican leaders, who sought to keep Texas’ congressional and State House maps intact despite claims that the Republican-controlled Legislature purposefully discriminated against voters of color by enacting maps that dilute their voting power.

The Supreme Court last week pushed aside claims against the current maps, overturning rulings by the San Antonio panel in which it flagged two congressional districts and nine state House districts as problematic because they were drawn to undercut Hispanic and black voters, oftentimes to keep white incumbents in office.

The Supreme Court found that the evidence was “plainly insufficient” to prove that the 2013 Legislature acted in “bad faith” when it enacted the districts.

5 thoughts on “Texas Elections to Move Forward Without Changes to State House District Map Despite Racial Gerrymander Finding

  1. Alexa, This is the definition of misleading. There we’re hundreds of districts And only one was found to have sufficient evidence that there was racial profiling. Your website and name only lose credibility with these types of articles, when you are clearly writing them from a biased position. How about we state the facts and leave opinions out of the news, unless it’s an opinion piece. You clearly wrote this article to push your racial ideology which is false.

  2. look at this fake news. All the districts were found to be good except one. This is by the US Supreme Court. The left is just throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick!

  3. The Texas redistricting maps as well as the Texas Republican Party are racists to their core. The only way the Republicans stay in power is to draw gerrymandered districts. The fact the U.S. Supreme Court approved the Texas maps does not make them legitimate. Don’t forget Jim Crow was once the law of land. What would our country looked like if the Republicans played fair rather than always resorting to dirty tricks?

  4. Name calling and nasty remarks about political parties and the use of the term
    “racist” are what is killing this country! Each throwing stones at one another. Did we really need this article? UGH to all of you who replied as well.
    Oh and by the way, why does SA have such a low voter turn out? I doubt the redistricting would make any difference in the voting results.

    • If you are interested in learning about low voter turn out, investigate the Texas voter suppression laws in the state. They are so some of the most burdensome in all of the country.

      Low voter turn out is by design. It doesn’t just happen. These laws disproportionally affect the working poor and people of color. Racism is about one group’s power over another. The gerrymandered districts are designed to dilute the voting strength of African and Mexicans. If this is not racism I don’t what is.

      We have the U.S. Supreme Court for gutting the Voting Rights Act This has enabled Republican Legislatures across the country to increase their control.

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