2 thoughts on “Texas Republicans Get Busy with ‘Bathroom Bill’

  1. Why are the Republicans doing this? Is there any good, honest explanation for risking tanking our entire economy other than sheer bigotry and delusional panic? It’s appalling that our so-called “leadership” (?) has completely wound itself down into obsessing on one another’s genitals. Dan Patrick should be impeached for dragging Texas even further into the heinous swamp of legitimized oppression.

  2. Does Dan Patrick understand what a transgender person is?
    He seems to be confusing transmen with straight guys in drag who want to cause trouble in the women’s room.
    He doesn’t get it that a transgender person lives as their non-birth gender 24/7.
    Does Dan Patrick know that many transmen — the people he wants to legally require use women’s bathrooms — are muscled, hairy, butch guys who just happen to have “female” checked on their birth certificates? Does Dan really want these guys to use the same bathroom his wife, sister, daughter use? That’s what he’s trying to pass.

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