3 thoughts on “Texas Schools That Want to Arm Their Employees Have Two Choices

  1. I don’t necessarily like the idea of teachers and school employees carrying on their person, but I’m also not sure I believe that option should be restricted by law. I certainly support properly trained, responsible staff being allowed to keep firearms at the schools. Unfortunately, the police will never be able to respond to an active shooter situation fast enough.

    I believe in the principle of subsidiarity. I like that, as it stands, the decisions regarding who carries and how they carry are left to the lowest levels to decide. Schools and districts should be empowered to make those decisions for themselves. I’ll probably always support increasing and clarifying the amount of training needed for these employees.

  2. More COPS,…and more GUNS,….in the public schools make those places feel like JAILS and PRISONS. Why not take the guns away from idiots who want their houses full of them,…and who give their brats guns to take to school??? Texas is a Banana Republic full of gun-nuts,……and the poor kids spend all day in lock-down.

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