9 thoughts on “The Christmas Magic of Elf Louise

  1. Even a big galoot like me has been moved by Elf Louise during these holidays over time. Thank you for this article, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your kin [namaste]

  2. Elf Louise is a true blessing to the city of San Antonio. When I think of the 20,000 children who will now have a Christmas because of her thoughtfulness and her huge heart it actually brings tears of joy to me

  3. Thank God for Elf Louise. For anyone that is willing to dress up like Santa Claus and deliver Gifts please sign up to volunteer at Elf Louise you’ll make a lot of children very happy.❤️

  4. I had the blessing of being a helper when living in SA and even took my girls with their friends to serve as “elves” as part of their Christmas overnight party.

  5. This article is over a year old, but it is truly amazing and should be republished every year! Although I have heard these stories several times over the years, they still bring tears to my eyes. I have lived in San Antonio for 18 years and for each of those years, I have been one of the many gift wrappers. “Elf Louise” and her band of enthusiastic elves inspire you to do just a little more to help others. So, thank you to Elf Louise Christmas Project for bringing joy to these families and to mine and a special thanks to Ken Rodriguez for writing such an awesome article.

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