4 thoughts on “The Debate Over Year-Round Water Restrictions

  1. “Viagran said water conservation in San Antonio has long been a way of life for many residents and businesses even “when we didn’t call it conservation.” ”

    What is the point of this statement? Does it have a point? Sounds like typical bureaucrat fluff.

    “SAWS is working on a number of initiatives to secure a long-term water supply. Some of those initiatives include aquifer storage and recovery, desalination of brackish water and the planned $3.4 billion”

    Take a portion of those funds and create a strong incentive to change from water thirsty grass to less water needy native or other landscaping. Incentivize rain water collection and the reduction of impermiable surfaces.

    Changing the culture pays dividends while 3.4 billion on pipeline only puts a bandaid on the problem.

    • I took it to mean Viagran says some people don’t waste water, so make sure any restrictions or ordinances aren’t overly restrictive or end up costing people more if they aren’t wasting any water now.

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