One thought on “The Future is Urban, Even in Suburbia

  1. “This is a group that has fewer people driving cars, more women graduating from college, and more men staying home to care for children.

    He pointed to a neighborhood… Vickery Grove … the development is offering 82 single-family detached homes for rent at rates comparable to apartments.. pool, fitness center, and grounds maintenance, on-site management, friendly cul-de-sacs, and household diversity. It’s also gated, for security”

    What is friendly about cul-de-sacs? they make environments unfriendly to walk or bike. if the younger generations have lower car ownership rates then how would this type of development appeal to them? gated communities are not friendly to people who do not own vehicles and wish to use alternative modes of transportation. Homes abutting the street to get more eyes on the street and an increase in street usage is what improves security and safety, not gates and guards.

    Also, this type of development is not environmentally sustainable, leading to sprawl type of developments that caused much of the flooding issues we saw in Houston. Density and promoting walkable, bikeable and transit friendly places is more sustainable.

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