6 thoughts on “The Murder and Miracle on Alamo Street

  1. Extraordinary story by Ken Rodriguez. He has mastered his craft. He did keep practicing all the way to a Pulitzer. Great Sunday morning read. Thanks Rivard Report for having Ken be part of your team. Missed reading him.

  2. What a fascinating article. I remember hearing the name Henry Rodriguez so very often as an advocate for the poor and the San Antonio westside. This article brings to life so vividly how many lives are interrelated and the beauty of true forgiveness.

    I had to chuckle at how confusing it can be in San Antonio with the last name Rodriguez. Happens to be my maiden name not only is it my father’s last name but my mother’s maiden name! So of course I have several “Henry Rodriguez’s” in my family – not to mention a whole slew of Joe Rodriguez’s!

    Thanks for this article.

  3. Amazing story! I know and have covered some of the people in this story, but didn’t know hardly a snippet of this story. Beautifully told, by a gifted writer, who was taught by a character in it.
    What a small world we live in – even if we think we are in our isolated bubbles.
    The intersections and surprising interactions here are stunning.
    I don’t think the ‘Pulitzer’ word is at all inappropriate (to use a double-negative).
    This is not only an inspiring, thought-provoking great read, it’s a great reason we need journalists like Ken working for a site like the Rivard Report.
    All the best to all of you! Hope you don’t mind if I post – and repost.
    Thanks to all of you – including Henry and Michelle and everybody who opened up to Ken.

  4. What a great story I just read. It made me realize what “forgiveness”
    Can do to people. I also didn’t know my ex husband Charles Conaway was one of the attorneys in this case. He was just as they
    described him and very much for the “Death Penalty”.

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