4 thoughts on “The ‘Newer’ Energy Economy of the Legalized Marijuana Industry

  1. Excellent article. My company, Advanced Grow Technologies, is dedicated to bringing energy & water efficiency at the forefront of legal commercial cannabis grows. On staff we have growers and engineers who have developed and implemented cost saving energy and water applications for the horticultural, fishery and industrial markets, all of which focus on reducing a facilities Utility consumption. We believe these are directly applicable to the cannabis market.

    There is not enough discussion in this market about the role water and energy consumption. Unfortunately, there is little discussion on demand side management, utility rate wheeling, geothermal heat pump systems, fuel switching or just about any efficiency approach other than can LED’s produce the same results as metal halide. Same on the water side – recirculation, efficient dehumidification or discharge issues never seem to get much mention in the cannabis press.

    More articles like yours are needed. Again Thank you.

    Bob Wilson

  2. Great article. Some important points here that I haven’t considered.

    Perhaps at face value the marijuana industry is shamelessly gluttonous compared to the pharmaceutical industry in terms of it’s astronomical energy requirements – but what are the far-reaching costs of opiate addiction?

  3. It seems to me that growing cannabis indoors started because it was illegal to grow it and therefore growing it indoors was a way to hide marijuana from the authorities. Now that it is no longer illegal to use/grow cannabis in some states why wouldn’t they begin growing it in greenhouses? It seems to me that using natural light and ventilation would cut down on energy use. Tomatoes and other vegetables are often grown in greenhouses hydroponically using recirculating water water. How much water and power is used for growing tomatoes? Is there ways to grow cannabis in hydroponically in greenhouses that reduces its need for power and water?

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