4 thoughts on “The Price is Right: Local Architectural Firms Go Solar

  1. Thanks for this interesting article about something significant that appears to be going on under the radar. Nice collection of links, too. The one for “Under The Roof: How Households Decide To Install PV” is missing a colon after http, so it doesn’t work, however.

    • Thank you, John! It should be fixed now.
      I think projects like this will be pinging on a lot of people’s radar. I get the feeling that solar panels will become an everyday-thing within the next several years.

  2. Very cool! I can’t wait until I can have one of my own. Great article! I’m glad that they are targeting San Antonio’s architects, who will be able to design with solar in mind. Having a daily reminder and first hand knowledge always greatly increases a persons ability to sell a product. …and practicing what you preach is just common sense. 🙂 San Antonio already has such great architects I hope this trend doesn’t slow. 🙂

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