8 thoughts on “The Trailist: Land Heritage Institute Has 20 Miles of Trails on the South Side

  1. Thank you for sharing this information, Rivard Report! I love hearing about new (to me, anyway) walking areas and nature preserves. This sounds heavenly.

  2. For more detailed information on the historic Presnall-Watson House at the Land Heritage Institute, check out: https://farmandranch.omeka.net/exhibits/show/presnall-watson-house
    This is a website from the San Antonio Conservation Society’s, Historic Farm and Ranch Committee.
    Peggy and Mark Oppelt have done a wonderful job with the Land Heritage Institute. We are so fortunate that this entire property was saved instead of being lost if the Applewhite Reservoir had been built.

  3. I’ve been horse trail riding there for years. It IS a fantastic place to go. The trails are wonderfully maintained and well marked with signs. During the spring, wildflowers decorate all the meadows and trails with huge patches of color. They often have historical demonstrations and seminars out there. It is only open to the public on the second Saturday of the each month although they are now working on having the park open more often.

  4. Thank you for writing about this very special place! It is a great story of collaboration among many different groups. The restoration of the Presnall Watson House looks fantastic!

  5. Can anyone confirm if the COSA Medina River Hike and Bike trail which used to run through LHI is still closed to the public?

    Initially heard it was closed due to plans for construction, but heard reports that construction and access were revoked by LHI due to COSA contractors not upholding their agreement to close LHI gates at night.

    Unsure if this has been resolved. Made a great hike/bike trail when the entire path was open. Closure at LHI gates significantly cut the trail distance.

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