6 thoughts on “The Trailist: Salado Creek Greenway Coming Together on the East Side

    • Hi George, thanks for reading and fact-checking me. Maybe I should have disclosed my assumptions: I was calculating for a football field without including the end zones, which is .91 acres. You are correct that a football field including end zones is 1.32 acres. So Southside Lions Park is the same size as approximately 454 football fields with end zones.

  1. Salado Creek South is indeed a good one — I’ve been riding it since before it was all connected (involved a work around). Connecting from the North Trail via Holbrook, I35 access and Old Seguin. Great to hear that Joint Base SA is committed to making that connection through Ft Sam. And it’s great to have 65 miles of dedicated off-road trails now. But note: 1) Some trail heads lack bike-friendly access, reducing commuter value; and 2), to put SA’s effort in perspective, the North Central Texas Mobility 2040 plan now projects several THOUSAND miles of such trails, much already completed (https://www.nctcog.org/trans/plan/bikeped/veloweb).

  2. Great article. The trails are also well patrolled by Park Police and salaried trail “stewards”, and are equipped with repair stands that have surprisingly good tools.

  3. I’m loving the Trailist column. Some of them have maps with trails clearly marked on them; I find these very helpful & wish all of your articles included maps

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