One thought on “This Story Has Legs: St. Mary’s Students Pursue Santa Anna’s Long-Lost Appendage

  1. I almost choked when I read that “Santa Anna did what he had to do in a time when his country was being attacked and invaded.” Excuse me!

    Santa Anna was one of the most cruel dictators this hemisphere has ever seen! I’d like to see the St. Mary’s students do a comparison between the hacienda system of peonage of Mexico and the plantation system of slavery in the U.S. There are estimates that 1/2 a percent of Mexico’s population perished annually under their archaic system of farms, ranches, mines and factories.

    Regardless of which system of servitude is the worst, at the time of the Alamo uprising about half of the states of Mexico were in open revolt. If you think what Santa Anna did at the Alamo and Goliad was deplorable, take a look back in history to see the ‘lesson’ he gave the revolutionaries in Vera Cruz. Santa Anna ordered his troops to rape, pillage, and burn this thriving seaport. More than 2,500 women and children were executed at his command.

    Santa Anna violated three of the five requirements of a just war in his tour of destruction. His victories were for punishment, not to attain peace. The only tranquility in his wake was the peace of the graveyard. He resolved disagreements with annihilation when diplomacy would have sufficed. And the principle of proportionality was totally disregarded. He took pride in excessive destruction for the sake of minimally desirable ends.

    This tyrant fought against justice and liberty under the flag of Spain when the pickings were good and later for Mexico when the gains suited his inflated ego. Santa Anna continued oppression of his countrymen and riled his neighbors for decades. There is a reason no statue or street in Mexico honors Santa Anna. He was an autocrat, a bully, a despot of the worst kind.

    The only reason I could justify the return if his leg to Mexico (assuming they want it) would be in exchange for the flag that flew over the Alamo (assuming they still have it).

    Kudos to the captors and keepers of Santa Anna’s long-lost prosthetic leg. May his boot serve as a reminder that fascists like him deserve to get their ass kicked.

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