A charro swings his lasso in preparation of capturing a horse at a Day in Old Mexico and Charreada. Photo by Scott Ball.

A Day in Old Mexico & Charreada is a nice change of pace from the parades, cook-offs, and drunken parties of Fiesta. Hundreds came together at the historic Charro Ranch on the city’s Southside right next to Padre Park. In true Fiesta fashion, plenty of beer and food was had by attendees who were treated to a constant stream of performances.

The venue, filled with so much to see and do, was rewarding to photograph – a diverse crowd, a bucking bronco whirring past my camera, swinging lassos, and bright colors. A Day in Old Mexico was a unique experience for me to capture and I can’t wait to go back.  You have one more chance to catch it next Sunday from 12-6 p.m.

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Scott Ball

Scott Ball

Scott Ball is the Rivard Report's photo editor and a native San Antonian.