4 thoughts on “Tree That Toppled on the River Walk Likely Died of Old Age

  1. The house I grew up in was built in the 70s in a neighborhood where every house was given two Arizona Ash in the front yard and two or three in the back. A few years ago, I was helping my father clear the second dead Ash tree from my front yard when one of the older neighbors came by. I commented something along the lines of, man all these trees in our front yards are dying, what type of trees are they. He said, they are ‘Arizona Trash’. Now whenever I see them, that’s all I think about.

  2. Builders added these trees in the 70’s because they were fast growing . We had them in my parents first San Antonio home as well. I have several rent houses and i seems I have to take out about 1 a year as well

  3. I remember a Saturday morning caller on radio asked how far back you should trim Arizona ash and Manuel Flores recommended 3 feet below the ground.

  4. Same story. House built in the 1961 that has had three Ash and one Chinese Tallow removed and generally replaced with Cedar Elm, Chinese Pistachio, Desert Willow and Palms to the South and West. Three Oak trees (one spared when house was built) continue to grow and actually cover most of roof.

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