17 thoughts on “Treviño, Montaño Make Neighborhood Engagement, Protection the Focus of Runoff

    • Neither supports vouchers, nor do city council people have any say in school funding policy (which is the domain of the state legislature) or school operations (which it the domain of the independent school district boards.)

      If Montaño thinks that a zoning commission decision is somehow a Trevino-led developer decision, he

      1.) doesn’t understand how the zoning commission works

      2.) doesn’t understand the very strong feelings that homeowners themselves have about historic districts. This is not a homeowner vs developer issue. Many homeowners in potentially historic districts oppose historic designations for a variety of reasons that are valid and important to them.

      Montaño seems to want to divide us rather than build bridges.

      Oh, and anyone who counts Lauro Bustamante as a supporter? Don’t get me started.

      • The Zoning Commissioners are appointed by their respective Councilperson for each district. They are essentially representatives of their Councilperson.

        • Trevino has sold out residents of Southtown in every issue where there has been conflict between commercial and residential purposes. He repeatedly supported waivers to permit new businesses that don’t have code-required parking. He has been non-existent in his concern for the consequential parking woes of the beleaguered residents of Lavaca, LoneStar and KW. He has shown no interest in improving public transit. He appointed a 20-something as the District 1 zoning commissioner. She’s sharp but has no experience or credentials, only an embarrassing parrot for Trevino’s contributors. As for his failure to attend neighborhood gatherings, he will appear if there is a high-level photo opportunity. I’ve been watching him for years now and have concluded that Trevino only acts if there is some substantial reward for advancing himself. He has shown no interest whatsoever in District 1 voters. Even his staff doesn’t return calls. Yeah, I’m backing Montano and hoping that we residents will get some respect for a change.

          • Rosa,

            Thank you for your thoughts. As district 1 zoning commissioner I welcome constructive criticism that can help me better serve district 1. Please contact me with concerns you may have. On another note, I am 30 years old. Thank you for the compliment.

  1. Great, comprehensive piece on this race. I’m still amused by the almost-daily emails from Trevino that started the day after the recent election.

  2. “We want to make sure neighborhoods are preserving their identity and that they feel like they’re in control of their destiny,” said Treviño.

    We wish, as neighborhoods, Mr. Treviño actually believed this and acted accordingly. We invited him to many neighborhood meetings, and even planned one around his schedule. He failed to show at any of them, including the one planned around his schedule.

    Oh, and 40 out of 113,000 is an amazingly small number of people affected by a pet project. Perhaps that money could be spent on sidewalks, or maybe curbs along streets, speed reduction controls, better community lighting, crosswalks in streets, bike lanes, or other things that bring value to EVERYONE in the community.

    “What people need is someone in office who listens and who is responsible and honest about the limits and capacity of working in our City to help make a real impact.” I could not agree more, and you are not that person, Mr. Treviño.

  3. “Steve” does not seem to understand that the Zoning Commissioners are appointed by the council members. So yes, they are representing a position of the council member. If that council member is pro-developer, it stands to reason the appointed commissioner will likely be of similar ideas.

    • Of course they are appointed by city council, but there are 10 members and there are regularly split decisions or decisions when the Rep from the district in question is over-ruled.

      I dont have a strong opinion or stake in the north tobin hill zoning in particular. What I know is what I’ve read in rivard report and elsewhere, where it seemed like there were some significant issues with the process.


      But in the article it made clear that there were numerous homeowners not in support. It was unclear whether the required 51% was reached, due to issues with the process, and the vote was 6-1 to oppose.

      My point was, it seems like in Tobin Hill, Mahncke Park, and other neighborhoods, there is no “developer” fighting to oppose historic districts. In fact, some landlords like historic districts in the hope that new housing isn’t built and rents will go up.

      The opposition is typically other homeowners who, (for reasons of perceived financial burden, or philosophical opposition to having someone else tell them what color they can paint their trim) simply don’t want it.

      • I recommend that anyone interested in Tobin Hill North read carefully the article cited above (Rivard Report 5/17/2017) and bear in mind that Councilman Treviño’s constituents were on both sides of the issue. Everything is complicated.

  4. I was at the zoning hearing for Tobin Hill North, and video of it was posted by NOWCastSA. 15 people spoke in favor of the Historic Designation and 8 people opposed it. Of those 8, one was from Houston, one was from Helotes, and one is a developer. Of the 8 opposed, only three live within the proposed Historic District.

    It’s a shame that the Zoning Commissioners failed to recognize what the homeowners in the proposed district overwhelmingly supported, what the HDRC unanimously recommended, and what Staff recommended for approval as well. Since our Zoning Commissioner, appointed by Roberto Treviño, is the one who moved to deny the recommendation, it calls into question just who the Commissioner, and in turn our Councilman, is actually representing here.

  5. The experience with Trevino (and his staff) has always been positive. Trevino was instrumental in canceling the development of a gated community (La Marquesa Estate) on a 10 acre site behind St Anthony High School in the Monte Vista Historic District. The District is grateful for his and his office support on this and other zoning issues that have confronted our historic district. For the record, I am no fan of developers encroaching on historic districts, NCD’s or older neighborhoods with their high density cookie cutter developments…..which was the primary reason an application for historic designation was submitted on behalf of Tobin Hill North. The only problem was that the application was flawed from the beginning….. submitted with a “perceived” gerrymandered map which did not include ALL the residents of the Tobin Hill North area. So lets go back to the drawing board and submit a well grounded application that Trevino and his appointed Zoning Commissioner can support without question. In summary, Trevino has in the past supported our efforts in protecting the historic fabric of our neighborhood…..and for that….we are grateful.

    • It’s so, so easy to say what one could have/would have/should have done about any complex issue. Councilman Treviño can point to many actual accomplishments, and to let him go in favor of someone who can’t do the same would be unjustified, not to say unwise.

  6. Many people think they understand how City Council works because they read books or watch a lot of TV. Look, I have never seen any of you at any events, coffees with councilman or anything. But you make statements like you are a well informed constituent.

    When you volunteer and participate in planning and events, you will see the good coming from all of Treviño’s hard work. As far as you neighborhood meetings and preservation, Treviño pushes and pushes. He is only one of a few Councilman who stays late on Wednesdays to listen to the concerns of constituents. Instead of you waiting for him, did you ever think to go to those open to the public meetings?

    He leaves the office at city hall, goes to the field office and then tries to go home. But most of the time it is only to change so he can go help people or see people or do things for the people.

    You don’t see this because you are not involved. I do. Roberto Treviño is one of the most passionate and hard working council members. His office provides a lot of support to the community and spends a lot of hours making things happen for EVERYONE.

    He will win and he will continue to make our community great. And if you still don’t get involved as a constituent, then don’t complain. The world has enough negativity without your ugly comments.

  7. I hope that whoever wins realizes they aren’t just serving middle and older age homeowners. If they take the whole community, future generations and the city at heart, they will support development that provides diversity in housing types that fits everyone’s needs (not just the select few). The future of development needs to rest well within the SA Tomorrow/Comp Plan. It needs to support affordability (which means density/supply), it needs to support transit (which means density), and it needs to be sustainable for future generations (which means density). Renters are notoriously left out of the conversation; over 50% of occupants in downtown and near downtown neighborhoods are renters. They need to be included in the decision-making. I live and own and a home in Beacon Hill and I understand the importance of renter inclusion for improved decision making on the future of our city.

  8. I have been to zoning/planning meetings and am still learning how process works. Yes, there are issue’s with “gentrification” in Center City. Most recently, I attended zoning? case(Dig Hill) where new home owner wanted to build a rental unit on over size lot and applicant was denied- then I learned applicant can still proceed to City Council (within 6 months) if desired,but not approved would be commission finding.
    Reports of council district elected official/office not being responsive has led to CCD7 incumbent being ousted; Infill development is a two edged sword and District 1 residents will decide which blade they have been receiving. Note: the Charter Review Comm has city council consideration requests and Councilmen Trevino has 2 of 3; ethics code amendment and planning commission composition.

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