2 thoughts on “Trump Calls NAFTA a “Disaster.” Texas Republicans Beg to Differ.

  1. GENE GREENE SAID–“I think NAFTA’s benefited the state as whole, but it hasn’t necessarily benefited my district.” if NAFTA were up for a vote today, he would not vote for it. Oh I see Mr. Greene, because it hasn’t had any particular impact on YOUR district the whole state shouldn’t have any positive benefits.

  2. “But when The Texas Tribune reached out to each of the 27 Republican members of the Texas congressional delegation, not one joined in Trump’s call for renegotiating the treaty. None agreed to be interviewed, three responded with written statements and the others either did not respond or declined to comment.”

    Did you even read the article before you put a title on it? “Republicans beg to differ”. What horse shit Kirby., You headline is a joke, why not call it I pooped today, please click on my silly article so I can justify my worthless job to mom

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