6 thoughts on “U.S. 281 Project Digs in Monday

  1. The proposed bike and pedestrian “facilities” for the 281 project as rendered, including to serve a new VIA 281 transit hub, are laughably bad to frighteningly dangerous and have been ridiculed by transportation planners nationally on social media this year (along with the admonishment that our substandard on-street pedestrian conditions continue to set San Antonio backwards and behind the rest of the country).

    Prepared images of the 281 project depict cyclists ‘sharing’ frontage road lanes with 18-wheelers and other heavy traffic merging on to the expressway as well as miles of straight shots of sidewalks with no crossings, landscaping or landscape separation from the road:

    Just as bad, the new VIA 281 transit hub as rendered looks isolated and not bikeable or walkable:

    At $532m ($66m+ per mile), this is incredibly expensive but poor public design to address concerns about traffic congestion and urban growth. If SATomorrow planning has any meaning, the new Mayor and Council should intervene immediately to improve anticipated pedestrian conditions with this long range TXDOT and VIA project. TXDOT can and has done better for transit and pedestrian safety and amenity with recent road work in other cities.

  2. way to go on continued promotion of car dominance and sprawl! (sarcasm) When will the city and TX DOT wake up to the 21st century and start focusins on alternative transportation options (bike, pedestrians, rapid transit)? – in the long-term it’s a more sustainable and cheaper option.

  3. this is what should have been 15 years ago! andwhy do we not make it incumbent on developers to ensure ingress/egress to their “projects” is their responsibility? they’re the ones who profit. immensely!

  4. The expressway extension will cost $532 million. By a rough estimate, this would pay for 400 buses and the operating costs for up to ten years. Add the terrible (deliberately so) pedestrian, bicycle, and transit infrastructure and it is clear the purpose is to extend the motor vehicle monopoly and suburban sprawl development. San Antonio is building itself into an impossible situation. This area will be a drain on city resources and will damage the Edwards Aquifer. Traffic jams will expand and taxes will have to be increased. The short-term greed of suburban developers, property speculators, banks, car dealers, and fossil fuel interests prevail over the public interest and economic sense.

  5. Put a toll booth at the county line and get users to pay for this. The Anti-Toll people caused this incredible delay, and they don’t even live in the city….
    And let’s get on with light rail as any progressive city should.

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