29 thoughts on “Under Construction: Downtown Workforce Housing at Maverick Building

    • Hey Brian,

      Thankfully, they do not own this building any longer. It is now owned by the great AREA Real Estate group who also owns 1221 Broadway. This building is now going to be given the love and care it deserves!

  1. Because everyone wants to live in 300 square feet. 16 foot by 16 foot room… No amenities in the world would make that worth it. I think a jail cell is 12×12…bodes it have community showers? I can’t image where you would put a bathroom and kitchen in 300 square feet.

    • Christopher,

      No, they do not have community showers. Each studio comes with its very own private bathroom. I lived in one of these 300 square feet studios at the Maverick when I was 18. Yes, its small but certainly not as small as you would imagine. If they do it right, it could work for those millennials just wanting a spot downtown next to work.

  2. Peter, my daughter in Boston lives in a “micro unit” in Back Bay . . . a little over 300 sf . . . for $1,500 per month. She walks to school and to work. No car needed . . Net cost (from car savings) is about $900 per month. Small? Yes. Her trade off would be to live 20 to 30 minute away and be on transit every day for 45 min to an hour. For her, this was the right decision. Just toured a 240 sf unit. Small, but livable. You can’t have stuff and make it work. It serves a slice of the market very dependent on location . . . .

  3. So if I was interested in living downtown, would the requirements in getting an apartment here have to be that I have to work and go to school downtown?

    • Paul,

      My understanding is that there is no such requirement for leasing an apartment here. They are just gearing towards the downtown workers because of the “affordable” price tag for the location.

  4. I was shocked when I saw that the hotel had been allowed to build right next to the Maverick Building. I noticed it a few months ago. Who approved that? The owner of the Maverick should be allowed to collect damages from both the hotel architect and from the city.

    • CJW,

      Unfortunately, this was approved before the current owner of the Maverick made the building purchase. Because of this, there is likely nothing that can be done by AREA RE. It is a bit unfortunate though, I agree.

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