5 thoughts on “Urban Renaissance: Taking Stock of 2012

  1. Some empty space? I know there’s tons of reasons for it, but I think the single biggest thing holding back downtown development is how many empty and boarded up buildings we have down here. People who own buildings and refuse to do anything with them are holding back people who want to start stores and local businesses downtown, but for some reason the rent there is too high for lots of people who are really committed to SA and the downtown area specifically. I’d love to be able to wander around downtown on the weekends and go to shops and restaurants that are diverse and owned by small, local businesses, but a lot of what I pass is boarded up windows.

  2. My mom & dad went all up and down Broadway from Hildebrand to Downtown and were told by every single “For Lease” sign that they weren’t really leasing and were holding out for someone to buy them out. I even called once standing in front of a for lease sign staring at it and heard a lady yell at me that their place wasn’t for lease! Too bad because now my parents are putting their bicycle shop on the NW side of town where we’re getting a 700 sq ft place for $700/mo.

  3. I think Stephanie Guerra and her family could write an excellent Rivard Report piece about the process of trying to open a business downtown, and I’d be really interested to read it. I’m sure lots of other people would, too.

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