6 thoughts on “VIA Primo Service: Mixed Reviews From Residents

  1. Hi Iris. I think it would be helpful if you could do an article on the revenues (how much and where they come from), major expenses, and ridership associated with VIA and comparing the ridership to the number of privately owned vechicle “riderships” occurring within the city. I understand VIA’s ridership numbers include each time an individual rides on a VIA asset (in other words one person riding 200 times a year counts as 200 riders). If you can extrapolate how many times San Antonians ride in their privately owned vehicles and compare that to the VIA ridership numbers, that would be helpful in putting into perspective VIA’s value to the city. Bottom line, is I’m struggling to understand the importance of VIA to the city (I’m not saying it isn’t important to the city). I read the following comments in your article:

    “San Antonio is moving into the 21st century,” said VIA Board Chairman Henry Munoz
    “Great American cities have a first class multimodal transit system and we are finally after way to long, way to long moving (fast) in that direction, ” said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff
    Mayor Julian Castro called the start of bus rapid transit a “fantastic addition to San Antonio and Bexar County … ensuring people and goods to move more quickly across the metropolitan area.”

    I struggle with what “moving into the 21st century” and “great american cities have first class multimodal transit systems” really means. I agree that moving people and goods more quickly across the metropolitan area creates satisfaction but how much value does it add? Maybe another way to look at the value of VIA is to do an article regarding what the impacts to the city would be if VIA bus service was eliminated? My concern is what value to the citizens of San Antonio receive for the millions of dollars being spent on VIA. The limited information I have read about VIA doesn’t convince me of VIA’s value to the city. The better educated I am on VIA’s cointributions to the city, the less questions I’m sure I will have on this subject. Any additional information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Ken:
      Thank you for your insightful comment! This particular article was written by Ernie Villarreal, however, myself and the Rivard Report team will continue to research and understand VIA’s true value to the city – especially while the city and VIA ask for feedback from the community for the Modern Streetcar plan. Stay tuned for more after the holidays and thank you for reading!

  2. Dear Friends:

    I think that all bus station need a telephone cab.
    Need a map with parking lots near to stations.


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