3 thoughts on “Citizens Rule the Night at City Council

  1. From the news on this subject i am still not sure of the benefits of the project. I have heard it will provide for 20% of new population growth and this article states it will expand current water production by 20%. I am confused on what exactly are the benefits. Then you get comments from blind supporters like Ramiro Cavasos who can only say there is no such thing as a fireigh company. Tell that to US automakers!

  2. What Cavasos also missed was testimony from Michelle McFaddin, a qualified expert attorney on these matters hired by the League of Independent Voters, who said, “Abengoa’s high yield bonds with Moody’s were rated a “B2” in March, 2013. Obligations rated a “B” are considered speculative and are subject to high credit risk. Standard & Poor’s has rated Abengoa’s high yield notes a “B” rating in March, 2014 – these are junk bond ratings.”

    Two expert water attorneys — San Antonio’s Amy Hardberger and Austin’s Bill Bunch — raised absolutely critical questions about why San Antonio’s ratepayers are at risk because SAWS is paying too much.

    It’s all for the real estate growth lobby and they could give a damn for San Antonio’s ratepayers nor rural Texans’ water rights.

    Thanks for the coverage!

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