Viva Macondo: The Three Chivos and the Wall

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Courtesy Macondo Writers Workshop

René Colato Laínez (left front) sits in the audience at Viva Tacoland awaiting his turn to read at the 2018 Macondista Open Mic.

a picture book manuscript

[Spread 1]
            Three chivos were eating grass in a green pradera.
            “Yummy, yummy, deliciosa,” said chivo pequeño.
            “Crunch, crunch, deliciosa,” said chivo mediano.
            “Munch, munch, deliciosa,” said chivo grande.

[Spread 2]
            WHIRRR, BZZZ, KLONK
            “What is that noise?” the three chivos asked.

[Spread 3]
            Trip-Trap, Trip-trap, Trip-trap
            They crossed over a wide deep ditch and saw a tall wall.

[Spread 4]
            Chivo grande was in the bottom.
            Chivo mediano was on the middle.
            Chivo pequeño was on the top.
            He stretched his neck and said, “!Hola!

 [Spread 5]
            “Who are you?” a troll growled.
            “I am chivo pequeño, what are you doing?” he asked.
            “My workers are building a wall to protect my meadow. Look! I have wonderful green grass, beautiful fruit trees and colorful flowers. The greatest meadow in the whole wide world. Come and see and then go back.”
            Chivo pequeño climbed the wall.


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