Warrick Retracts Statement About ‘Being Drugged’ at Downtown Bar

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Councilman Alan Warrick (D2) speaks at the COPS/Metro Alliance's “get out the vote” rally.

Hannah Whisenant / Rivard Report

Councilman Alan Warrick (D2) claimed he was drugged on Thursday, May 25 at a downtown bar but retracted his statement the next day.

Councilman Alan Warrick (D2) retracted a previous statement he made Friday about being drugged at On the Rocks basement bar Thursday night. He retracted the statement after the bar owner, Justin Vitek, reviewed surveillance footage of the night and determined that no one had put anything in Warrick’s drink.

Warrick was found asleep on a bench outside of City Hall early Friday morning by security guards. He said he did not recall anything from the night before and thought he had only three drinks, though Vitek said Warrick was drunk that night and the bar staff had offered to order him a ride home.

Warrick suggested that political tricks could have been at play, as he is facing local attorney William “Cruz” Shaw in a runoff election on June 10 for the District 2 City Council seat. Greg Jefferson, a spokesman for Shaw’s campaign, said that Warrick’s allegation of political dirty tricks is “absurd.”

On Saturday, after Vitek reviewed surveillance footage, Warrick posted the following statement on his Facebook profile:

“I first want to apologize to my wife, the people of District 2, the people of San Antonio, Justin Vitek and the On The Rocks Pub for all the confusion. I have spoken to the bar owner and he has reviewed the videos and it seems like I just had too much to drink.

“I was celebrating a friend’s birthday and don’t remember any of the night after midnight. I have never had this type of memory lapse with alcohol use which is why I thought I must have been drugged,” he said. “I do not know how I ended up at City Hall but I do know I was not driving and have learned that lesson from my College days. I take full responsibility for my actions and have not stopped doing the necessary work for District 2. And I will never let this happen again.

“I thank all of you for your words of support and encouragement and will continue to work tirelessly to reflect the wishes of the people of District 2. I also want to apologize to Mr. Shaw,” Warrick continued. “I am sure this distraction was unnecessary to his campaign and I look forward to finishing this and pulling the District together on June 10th … ”

“We are glad that councilman Warrick is ok and did not get drugged,” Vitek said in a statement to the Rivard Report. “We would like to thank him for clearing up any confusion there may have been. The safety of our customers is obviously a high priority for us.”

Shaw, however, called on Warrick to withdraw from the runoff District 2 City Council race.

“His actions over the last two days have been utterly unacceptable,” Shaw said in a statement to the Rivard Report. “District 2’s Council representative drank until he passed out Thursday night in front of City Hall. To cover his tracks, he lied, making up a wild story about being drugged and dragged to the bench outside City Hall.

“Councilman Warrick is deeply troubled,” Shaw continued. “He should get the help he clearly needs, for his own sake and that of his family. District 2 has many needs, and Alan Warrick has failed to meet them. We can’t afford to have a City Council member who’s erratic, ineffective, and distracted by his own problems.”

Warrick had previously sent out a campaign blast Friday titled “It Could Happen to Anyone,” saying he felt fine and opted not to visit a doctor Friday morning. Warrick also provided a link on his Facebook page with tips on how people can protect themselves and their friends from date rape drugs.

“We don’t take this kind of [accusation] lightly,” Vitek said Saturday. “In the [two] and a half years we’ve been open we’ve never had anyone come to us saying they have been drugged from anyone at our establishment.”

8 thoughts on “Warrick Retracts Statement About ‘Being Drugged’ at Downtown Bar

  1. Mmmmm…There are video in the Pub, right? and in the streets, and around the City Hall there are surveillance footage or not?…This is a case for COLUMBO!!!…VIVA POST-FIESTA 2017.

  2. Did the video show the 3 drinks?? Or more or less?? A great teaching moment about alcohol and unreliable memory.

  3. Mr.Shaw got it right…. totally. Disgusting, Disgraceful Behavior for anyone,,, especially a City Councilman. His history reflects his “Issues”. June 10 should BE his Rude Awakening.

  4. Peewee Herman’s incident when caught masterbating in a theatre doesn’t surpass this Bozos story. He’s a drunk. An alcoholic goes to meetings. If his opponent doesn’t defeat him then the same people that elected Trump will keep this loser in office.

  5. As a resident of District 2, we should hold this man accountable and vote him out of office. If we continue to willingly re-elect buffoons like this, we will continue to receive the lousy service and embarrassing representation we deserve. The man has a wife and small children at home and he’s out carousing into the late hours of the night and stumbling drunk around downtown. For shame.

  6. Back off!
    What’s the big deal here?!?! Alan went out to celebrate with a lady friend, who apparently was having a birthday, so no need to infer anything else. He drank himself silly, got cut off from the bar, refused their assistance in getting him an uber, clearly his “friends” are not safety conscious so he staggered his drunken self down the streets of San Antonio and found a nice hard bench to sleep on, that luckily was at city hall. Was awoken by the authorities at 6AM, went into panic mode and caught a cab home. He went into damage control before thinking things through (possibly due to the alcohol from the night before) and started to blame rather than accept responsibility for his actions (which is an indication that this will happen again.) He said he had a medical condition that causes him to fall asleep when drinking (that was stupid, cause they are going to ask ‘then why drink’, so he says in thatit has never manifested like this!), then he was drugged (what in the hell kind of bar was he at that people date rape drug a politician, who is celebrating with his friends), oh he was at a bar with cameras and an owner who wasn’t going to carry that assinine bucket of bull excrement. Then apparently William Shaw, either himself or a secretive operative slipped Warrick a date rape drug for political reasons…. (what in the hell is going on in district 2 that requires sabotage to win elections)….oh, but he didn’t contact the police and report this felony nor did he visit the hospital for a drug screening (that would have sold his story really nice, but false statements to the police would have ended with him in bracelets, magical bracelets no doubt with super powers…based on his imagination). After it all pans out he was just drunk off his ass and tried to blame everything on something or someone else. He came to the conclusion yesterday that i came too after reading the first sentence of the first publication….Alan was out on the town with a lady friend, drinking having a good time. He kept drinking and drinking until the bar cut gim off. The lady friend disappears and drunk Warrick went to city hall to get his car that wasn’t there. So he sat his drunk ass down and fell asleep….mystery solved!

    Jack D.

  7. I am so glad that there are cameras in bars! I had no idea. What a great service for the customers.

  8. ANY elected official caught publicly intoxicated should immediately resign or be removed from office. No excuse or apology when they get caught in a lie is acceptable.

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