3 thoughts on “Watch and Listen to Your Future Mayor at Pints & Politics II

  1. People were right to boo and hiss.

    No matter how INTERIM Mayor Taylor tries to justify her decision to vote against the NDO, saying faith is an acceptable a reason for discriminating against the LGBT community is the same as denying black people space at lunch counters in the 60s. INTERIM Mayor Taylor needs to read the Bill of Rights, specifically the first one that separates church from state. Freedom from religion is just as important as freedom of religion.

    Ultimately, bigotry is bigotry and she isn’t fooling anyone.

    It will be a happy, frolicsome day when San Antonio’s voters show INTERIM Mayor Taylor the door. She never would have been selected by city council if she hadn’t lied about not planning to run for Mayor. If you watch the CCTV footage from that city council session, all of her peers justified her selection because she had promised not to run. Sure fooled them.


  2. I appreciate the discussion re: bus transit- but really. A rail system, at this point, needs to be the next step. The bus line is already obsolete.

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