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  1. Great detailed report! I hope more people read it and become educated on the subject as it is such a critical and timely one. Thank you so much for gathering the information and presenting it in a comprehensive manner.

  2. Mr Huddleston

    Aware this is a long shot, but someone needs to call SAWS out on this debacle of overcharging, creative accounting, and multiple versions of what is causing the ridiculous overcharging on September- October Water Bills (see below)
    From: Herring, Chandra
    Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2015 5:29 PM
    To: ‘contactus@ksat.com’
    Subject: SAWS potential Defenders update Story The Saga Continues

    I thought we did when my Husband went in person over a month ago (Encino Branch Library to talk to representatives of the utility face-to-face) to their A “rapid response team” he was told by Employee that would send someone to read the meter in person same day ( I was skeptical at best) and that to just pay what our average water was for that month**!!***. She admitted 1) that it was not humanly possible for us to use the amount of water that they said we did 2) She could tell by looking at computer that we DID NOT have a leak. Rep told my husband that reading accurate – read in person, his response was do you really think that is possible? She conceded No, which why sending someone out to house. In addition I sent an email as instructed when this all started, instructions say you will receive a response in 1-2 days maximum. NEVER received response, no call, no email, no letter other than 1) EMAIL stating they were raising rates city wide (obviously they have the staffing and time to send out THAT communication 2) the recent one threatening to turn off my water! So imagine my surprise when I got a notice threatening to turn off my water: mind you I have 2 small children and we are a 2 parent full time working household. The letter threatened that if we did not pay by today our water would be turned off ( I have been a customer of SAWS for over 22 years never once had I not paid a bill, and except for a few occasions due to lack of attention did I ever even pay late!) and that we would then be charged over $300.00 -$400.00to turn it back on (recapping etc etc). My husband went today in person (2nd time) as once again we could not get through via phone, and my subsequent emails went unanswered, and let the representative convince him 1) that we are still in the wrong while admitting the 2K was incorrect & unreasonable, and as the prior representative stated, read in person? She told him had to pay $650.00 or our water would be turned off, explanation that when they were “estimating” our water usage we were getting a much lower rate than we were using so this is a “catch up” for all those months? My husband felt he had no other option, as our family could not do without running water with small children. I wonder if this has happened to some elderly person without the resources that I and my family have. So excuse me how this problem is our fault that you are not is staffed correctly or even if you cannot prove or support this supposed meter reading error for an entire year? I would even understand a hundred dollars or less (still would be unhappy), but to so grossly “underestimate”, if this is even the truth as we have been told 3 versions of what happened. This reeks of creative accounting, and they know we cannot prove otherwise as we have no documentation of what the meter readings were!

    I am beyond upset, but feel we as San Antonio Residents have no avenue for complaints, it’s not like we can take our business elsewhere, which their abhorrent customer service. Yet this is in the headlines recently: City staff backs plan for SAWS rate increases

    Chandra Herring
    Ted Herring 210 415 6963

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