16 thoughts on “What Will be San Antonio’s ‘Next Pearl?’

  1. I keep wondering what is happening with the pioneer flour plant. It’s right by blue star, it should be developed into, i dunno, something? Either way, glad that SA is embracing it’s bigger city feel. What holds it back are all the people who want to keep it “small” good luck with that.

  2. I nominate the Deco District. Woodlawn Lake, near-downtown historic housing stock, many underutilized storefronts, and several parcels of empty land all make for a terrific opportunity. This is a gem in the rough, and with the right care, could be polished to perfection.

  3. The smallest of the Royal Parks in London is 39 acres. Hyde Park, mid-size is 346 acres and their largest, Richmond, is 2,359. Granted it’s a much older city and these were royal lands divided. What we are forgetting in San Antonio as we gain urban density, is to leave big, honking swaths of green.

    The real question is ‘Where’s the New Brackenridge Park’?

    • May I ask how attacking a nationally recognized institution in our city contributes anything positive to this conversation? An institution that helps address a chronic problem in our city?

  4. It will never happen, but the new Brackenridge Park is the Brackenridge Park Golf Course, which would almost double the size of the existing park. Repatriation of the Brackenridge and Olmos Basin golf courses would add more public space to the San Antonio River/Olmos Basin corridor and is one of the few places where park space could be added without tearing down existing development. There are enough golf courses in San Antonio.

    That being said, I’ve never found San Antonio’s existing parks to be crowded, even on the weekends. Citizens are content to stay on private property or indoors during their free time. We even have existing parks (Miraflores) that have been standing behind barbed wire for years, with no known date set for public access.

  5. IH 37 to N. Hackberry along E. Commerce revitalizing the already existing buildings and the Cameo Theatre. Reinvesting in the Historic Sunset Station and St Paul square and the warehouses along E. Commerce i.e. 13 floor haunted house making the Friedrich Building the anchor. The Best Western Plus and the Holiday Inn Express already exist in the area. Then from St Paul Square to E. Houston investing in the warehousing i.e. Back Stage Live. The Spaghetti Warehouse, Tuckers and the Red Roof Inn already exist in the area. Lets not forget the Alamodome perhaps a year around art museum and other sorts of entertainment like ATT Stadium . Thompson Transit is there for are transportation needs and the New Hemisfair Park will be just across I37. It could happen!!!

  6. Lone Star would be awesome if they could develop it with the likes of the pearl but with a different flare. Would be a nice walk or bike ride from museum reach to the pearl to downtown river walk to hemisfare park to south town then blue star then Lone Star and so on!!

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