7 thoughts on “Where I Live: Towers at the Majestic

  1. Is downtown a place to raise a family at this point in time? Is it the kind of area a couple would want to raise their kids or an area where the notion of family has changed?

    I have handful of families at events like First Friday. The groups of people seem to get along however I don’t see lot of mingling between groups. It feels to me like a community of groups.

    How do you develop a downtown that is open and inviting to everyone? Not only millennial, not only cliques, not just the under 40 crowd, but everyone who wants to enjoy the experience of downtown.

  2. I agree with the previous comments, downtown living is not for everyone and that’s unfortunate. My son is a junior architecture student and he pointed out that SA downtown living options appeal to a narrow margin of people. It would be better if it appealed to many types of families (sizes & incomes). We started to think about downtown living after we sold our home near 1604 & Redland. We believe, with limited options and high prices, our desire for downtown living will probably fade.

  3. I live downtown. There are many families living in the building and in the area. It seems that the nay-sayers are those who haven’t yet lived downtown.

  4. Thanks for the post. I was looking at the Exchange and The Majestic for a small 1-bed and asked on Reddit. Glad I found your post. Thanks!

  5. What of the economics of living downtown? As much as I like urban life, I’d be foolish to sell my house in Alta Vista (2 min. from downtown), only to pay more in rent than my mortgage payment. The minor amount of driving that I do from a near-downtown neighborhood doesn’t even begin to offset the economic benefit of property ownership. Is there a concrete counterpoint to this, that I’m missing?

  6. I was wondering if anyone in your building rented short term? I am looking for an apartment for the month of September 2014.

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