7 thoughts on “Zachry Adds Office Building to Hemisfair Project

  1. I am super excited for the Zachry/NRP team to take the next step. Hemisfair is a world class place and when these next projects are completed will be a huge step forward for our CBD in terms of attracting more locals to go alongside of our thriving tourist economy.

  2. It seems like the actual park keeps getting smaller and smaller. Do we really need to give up our limited green park space for more hotels and offices? The most limited commodity downtown is public grass/park areas. Let’s start talking about what buildings, parking lots, and sidewalks w can remove and replace with grass. Hearing about more hotels and buildings in the park is getting depressing.

    • I agree. It appears revisioning Hemisfair has been less about the people and more about the profits. Once again, and probably from the start.

      • @ R.Garcia and RobertRobert:
        Dedicated parkland was redrawn and increased within the district to over 18 acres in the State house in 2013. Since then, the ratio of park to development has not changed. These plans have been vetted and approved in hundreds of public meetings over the course of several years. You aren’t hearing about additional “buildings” in the park, rather, announcements of the contractors and operators who have been selected as the project progresses.

        Development has always been necessary to pay for initial construction, maintenance, activation, and perpetual upkeep of a world-class park because the municipality does not want to foot the bill. Unless the City or a private donor wants to cough up hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for redevelopment of a 90+acre site, a financial stream is simply required.

        In addition to a financial stream, residential & commercial development provides the parks with adequate parking, built in visitors, and ground-floor amenities like cafes and bars that enhance the park experience for everyone.

          • I agree that there is not enough green space, but not that there “are plenty” of commercial amenities on site. Cafes, bars, and amenities were overwhelmingly requested by the thousands of San Antonio residents who weighed in during public design forums from 2011 – 2014. Each time there is a request for proposals, dozens of local businesses show interest and compete on operating at Hemisfair. On top of that, economic studies show demand for cafes, bars, hotels, retail, residential, and office space on site. That evidence would suggest that there are not “plenty of cafes, bars, and hotels already.”

            Either way, you are in luck because the folks planning Hemisfair are not sacrificing one for the other. Usable green space is tripling. The size of the site is so large — over 90 acres total, that we can have it all. I encourage you to check out their plans on the hemisfair website. Those guys have done their research and are working hard to deliver the people’s wishes.

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